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Imagine Russia scaring America while he’s watching a scary movie.

"Hahaha… Dude maybe I should stop watchi-AH! Wow I didn’t see that ghOST OMG! Don’t worry, I’m oka-"

"Hello Comrade!" 


"Comrade is a little jumpy today da?"


Ivan couldn’t help but chuckle at Alfred’s less than graceful decent. If anything the clumsiness of it all, like the way he bent over and managed to get a knee on his ribcage or the fact that his hands scrambled anywhere for something to get balance on like a nervous chameleon, made him appear even more endearing in Ivan’s eyes. Alfred continued to scramble and gripped onto Ivan, but obviously he did not create the greatest support (he wasn’t fat, clearly Alfred just had no balance…yes) and so their heads collided. It wasn’t painful as much as it was just funny.

Ivan placed his hands on the floor beside his back to stay upright as Alfred flopped. The teen’s face was turning a brilliant shade of red so Ivan was enjoying the show even more. But only when Alfred puts hands on his chest and started spluttering did Ivan actually stop chuckling and instead tilted his head to the side with a smile.

“There is a problem with saying this?”

What is wrong with saying the head is hard?

I must be looking this up.

His thoughts however were cut a little short by Alfred sliding around on his lap. What was he doing?

Though it wasn’t an unpleasant sight, seeing Alfred this close…he didn’t really get a chance to appreciate it before he fell over but now he could see Alfred’s face in full, he could even see the red creeping down from his ears to his cheeks. Then the light dusting of sun marks on his nose and cheekbones, usually Ivan would be told off by now for ‘not respecting personal space’ or whatever people claimed to want (getting close to someone always helps with intimidation tactics, only now he was just admiring) however, Alfred didn’t seem to complain, in-fact he took so long to stand he almost looked regretful.

Ivan’s phone vibrated once in his pocket, making him start a little, at this point he was glad Alfred was off his lap or that would take some explaining. He reached his hand over himself to check his phone, he did not however, expect to be torn off the ground after Alfred and to land hard on Alfred’s chest.

Then he just found himself strangely leaning on Alfred so he didn’t go flying off in the other direction, even though his height made it look like he was about to smother Alfred with his neck which was angled awkwardly to accommodate the other person.

Wait….his neck

Ivan cautiously stepped back, making sure not to fall this time.

"Maybe it is you who sucks at gravity" Ivan let out a little laugh while delicately re-covering his neck with his scarf, good thing he’d taken to putting bandages on under his scarf too so nothing was exposed.

When he saw that all was good he let out a small sigh.

"….Well that was fun" He flashed his usual smile and turned on his heel to walk out the door. He was eager to keep some of his dignity in tact at this point, really this man seemed to bring out the worst of him.

The old you.

He heard in his head but quickly shook it away.

Not now please, I have more important things to be doing.

Stepping out into the evening’s air helped to calm him once again. Once again the area was surveyed for exits now that he could see better for the lights. He was taken aback by what he saw.


Lights everywhere.

Funny horse-like creatures and whales and carts and carriages.

But mainly horses…and pretty lights, the centre was painted with images of balloons and happy people playing. Ivan was instantly drawn to it.

"What….?" Ivan tried with a small voice, almost scared that if he spoke loudly this whole image would dissipate before his eyes.

He walked up towards it and heard faint music leaking from it. His face lit up as he tore his eyes away to find Alfred behind him.

"What is this? This is…" He couldn’t put his finger on it.

Behind Alfred too he noticed a place decorated with little, scuttle mice and oversized lumps of neon yellow cheese.

"What is all this?" What wonders had he come across?

Alfred followed closely behind Ivan, trying his damn best not to reach out a hand towards the Russian’s shirt hem and latch onto him like a child. While his friend’s may have been cool with Alfred’s incessant need to touch everything and everyone, the American worried he may have already crossed some lines with Ivan. Which sucked, truthfully. He didn’t seem all that impressed with Alfred’s little stunt in the maintenance room.

Need to chill out man. 

Sighing wistfully, Alfred almost bumped into Ivan as the other abruptly stopped. He had to side step around the other’s larger frame to get a peak at what had captured Ivan’s attention.

"Oh yeah, the lights?" Alfred grinned, bumping his shoulder with Ivan’s before fisting his hands in his jeans pockets, "They’re awesome right? Used to love them as a kid. Mom had to keep an extra eye out for me, I tended to ah, put them in my mouth when I got too close to them. I was a pretty weird kid haha."

Weird wasn’t even the half of it, the American thought to himself with a flushed smile. Thankfully, he’d grown up to be pretty cool, if he said so himself!

"You like them though?" Alfred asked, smiling knowingly. While he wasn’t the greatest at reading people, the American wouldn’t say he was completely hopeless. He could easily recognize the awe in Ivan’s face. It was the same expression that Alfred wore after all. “I tried counting them once you know, a couple years back. I can’t remember why…I think I’d been waiting for someone. Anyway, I lost count after about two hundred. There must be thousands here.”

While expressions escaped him sometimes, Alfred didn’t fail to notice the way the multi-coloured lights lit up Ivan’s face, forming different intricate patterns and cycling through the different colours of the spectrum. He couldn’t help the small smile that crept across his face as he witnessed the pure joy in Ivan’s.


Had he said that out loud? Shoot.

"T-they’re beautiful right! Ha ha yeah, so…beautiful. Gorgeous really."

When the American got home tonight, he decided then and there on the spot, he needed to have thorough words with himself about his inability to keep his mouth shut. It was going to be the death of him at current rate he was going.

He stood in a self inflicted silence, pursing his lips to try and prevent himself from any further damage. Alfred didn’t even realize he’d been subconsciously leaning closer to the other’s body, until he was pressed up right against Ivan’s side. The American shivered suddenly, when had it gotten so chilly? Rubbing his arm that wasn’t wedged against Ivan, Alfred cursed his lack of foresight and lack of warmer layers. At least he had the dignity to blush at the way he was behaving.

"So uh," What do people even talk about on dates anyway? "What’s your family like? I’m assuming you have one?"

Not his best line, but it would do.



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Life is hard when you’re trying to do damage control while working with Alfred


Aph America drinking coke out of a wine glass since he’s still underage.

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let’s talk about mood whiplash

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