Hetalia, The beautiful World: America.

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Russia and America’s Apartment




The Living Room:


The Dining Area:


The Kitchen:



Ivan nominating Alfred for the ice bucket challenge knowing fully well the American wouldn’t back down. Alfred shrieked like a little girl when he did it and Ivan caught the whole thing on camera.

Incredibly tempted to do the challenge in cosplay because this thing has almost got 100 notes…and get carrots-and-faucet-pipes to film it. Then nominate her xD

Ivan nominating Alfred for the ice bucket challenge knowing fully well the American wouldn’t back down. Alfred shrieked like a little girl when he did it and Ivan caught the whole thing on camera.


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Ivan’s not a fan of HSM and Alfred is.

America: starsandstripes50

Russia: carrots-and-faucet-pipes

Alfred’s an affectionate little tiger when drunk.

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Alfred grinned broadly as Ivan’s arm came up and around him, and he nudged closer to the other’s shoulder, resting his head for a moment. Ivan was really warm. “Yeah yeah okay Big Guy, I get it,” he started, before slipping into a faux Russian accent, “You are used to the cold да?

Wow, okay that was super lame. Alfred mentally berated himself. Honestly, it hadn’t even been a few hours since meeting the enigmatic Russian and already the crappy accents were slipping out.

He laughed nervously, pulling away and scratching at his own arm, “And that’s my first and last attempt at Russian for tonight,” he held out his arms defensively, “I promise.”

The American stepped away from Ivan and walked ahead, twisting around to walk backwards and talk at the same time, “Sister’s huh? What are their names?”

Alfred couldn’t help but smile to himself. Even if Ivan was holding back, at least he wasn’t completely shutting off. It didn’t feel like this whole thing had been in vain. Plus the image of Ivan with sisters was pretty adorable; he could definitely see the Russian pulling off the over-protective brother stereotype really well.

“You wanna know about my family?”  The blond started, smiling sincerely “Well you met my cousin already, my folks live ‘bout an hour away a few towns over. I don’t have any brothers or sisters, which kinda sucked but I have like, a bunch more cousins all over the states. And I mean all over, like seriously. Even have some family in Britain too. So yeah, I was never lonely as a kid or anything.

“And a big extended family means I get to go on a lot of vacations all over the US which is pretty sweet.” Alfred finished with a fond smile. Family had always been a big deal to him.  “Woah but there I go again, tell me if I’m talking your ears off, I get that a lot haha.”

Alfred turned around again, walking a little way further down the pier, throwing Ivan a grin over his shoulder, “You hungry?”

Ivan blinked a couple of times before falling into a fit of laughter.

"I-You-What was-" He dropped his arm despite the pleasantry to cover his mouth as a kind of silent apology for laughing.

"Something like that Alfred, but more-uhm-This is nothing compared to Siberian winter comrade" Ivan shook as he fought to control his laughter.

"Ah I found it very charming, but yes that is probably for the best" Wiping his eyes with the end of his scarf he managed to calm to a smile and the occasional giggle.

Just then he noticed the other had started to move on so the Russian quickened his stride so he could walk just behind him, finally he was able to uncover his mouth and continue talking.

I have an older sister Katyusha and a little sister Natalya, Katyusha is like the carrot when Natalya is the stick” A fond smile replaced the amused one as he remembered his sisters, then dropped as he remembered his sisters.

Calm down, they are fine.

Besides Alfred’s cheerful voice was something nice to focus on and aid distraction.

I’ve met his cousin? I do not remember………..I am usually so good at remembering people too. Eh, It would be rude to ask now.

"Not at all, I enjoy listening to you" Even if I may or may not have switched off at some stage, it can’t be helped. I like the sound……
He walked in stride with the other, revealing Alfred’s face close and lit up by the thousands of tiny lights, all of which were reflected in big blue eyes.

Of course this also meant it took him a little longer than usual to register his question.

"Ah…………" Yes. That was exactly the response needed here.

Prastee meenya pozhalosta- Uhm….u tyebya krasivyye glaza” Ivan looked at the floor, embarrassed that he didn’t know how to express quite what he wanted to say in English, no words really seemed to fit.

Alfred asked a question didn’t he? Whoops.

"I am a little bit? What do you intend to do?" Where they also going to be using items from this place? That again didn’t seem very legal….Ah Ivan didn’t really care.

Alfred immediately flushed at the spoken Russian. It sent all kinds of pleasant tingles down his spine and damn did his voice get huskier? The blond had no idea where to even begin to understand what Ivan had said (being only fluent in English and Klingon was not helpful at all,) but so long as it wasn’t an insult or rude, then as far as Alfred was concerned Ivan could keep talking Russian to him.

Sweet merciful Jesus, don’t ever stop.

“Was that Russian for you’re an idiot shut up?” Alfred grinned easily, folding his hands behind his head, “I won’t be insulted much if it was~” A lie, he would be. And more than a little heartbroken.

Dropping his arms again, the American spun around and took off at a light jog towards the nearest food stand, “Good I’ll make us some food then! I told you I used to work here right? One of the better jobs I’ve had before. You know, despite the constant smell of grease fat. But I got free food, which is way worth it in my opinion.”

Approaching the familiar kiosk from summers back, Alfred was delighted to find that it was unlocked. Turning to face Ivan, he rapped his knuckles on the shutters of the food stand, “Wait here okay? I’m gonna open this bad boy up.”

Leaving with another grin and a wink, Alfred slipped in through the side door and fumbled in the dark for a few minutes before his hands felt the key that opened the shutter. Turning it and wincing at the sound as the protective covering rolled up, the blond stepped up behind the counter, smirking as Ivan came into view.

“So what can I do for you handsome- Ah man this is like major déjà vu!  Remember?” Alfred wiped away a fake tear and added a sniff for dramatic flair, “This is almost exactly like how we met! What a story to tell the grandkiddies right? All fifteen of them. I hope you like big families, because I sure do!”

Did I really just say that?

“Uh, that was a joke. By the way. Unless you want grandkiddies. Which means we’d have to have normal kids first. Not that any kids of ours wouldn’t be normal! Or that you’d even want children in the first place. Or with me. Or if male pregnancy was even possible in the first place! But uhhhh, yeah. Okay nope, my mouth ran away with me there for a second, I’m so sorry.” Alfred sighed raggedly, shaking his head before forcing a smile, “I do that sometimes, mom thinks I have ADHD or something sometimes, pop just says I have a real short attention span. But anyway! Friend’s think it’s endearing at times, annoying at best haha,

"So like I said, food? There’s not much variety here unfortunately so uh, corn dogs or patties? Pick carefully, I will be judging you and assessing our compatibility on your choice. I take my food super serious." Alfred masked his previous embarrassment with a light smirk as he folded his arms over his chest and cocked a hip as he stared at Ivan expectantly.