America: starsandstripes50

Russia: carrots-and-faucet-pipes

When Alfred texted Ivan about a food query, he didn’t expect some kind of Spanish Russian Inquisition.

Well fuck, come on over and I’ll fix that for you ;D


I painted these pictures about 3 weeks ago.

(I’ m trying to use the language……

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Day 4

- Alfred tugging on Ivan’s scarf while leading him into the bedroom with a seductive smirk. (Boom chica wow)

- Ivan with a t-shirt and shorts on and a sweating American flopped across his lap. “It’s soooo hot!” Alfred whines because unfortunately for them their air conditioner broke.



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How about America accidentally falling asleep on Russia's shoulder?? v.v


drawing request 3 of ?

rusame! thank you, miss mathena!

"Have you ever licked a lamp post in winter?"

Depends who’s lamp post you’re talkin’ ‘bout. And what you mean by ‘lamp post’.

More importantly though. Have YOU ever licked a lamp post in winter? ;D


Art trade with the amazing kirono! She did the lineart and I colored~
Kiro’s amazing \(^q^)/ I can’t get over how awesome this picture is.


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inspired by this post

Ivan’s ink tattoos are a “CCCP” on his back that you can’t really see and a Tolstoy quote on his forearms in badly translated russian. Alfred’s is obviously a flag. Ivan’s sleeve isn’t as faded as I’d like, and I suck at drawing hands.

for the Tolstoy quote in english google “Tolstoy at the approach of danger”

Oh my gosh youuuu ;3; it’s perf seriously

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