This is blasphemy D:

America: starsandstripes50

Russia: carrots-and-faucet-pipes

Alfred wasn’t even talking about ice skating.


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Rusame Headcanon 14#

Whenever they see each other after a long time apart, Ivan likes to comment on how Alfred’s gained weight, regardless of whether the American Nation had or not. 

It usually ends up in a fight but the make up sex is worth it.






It’s was gorgeous outside. Couldn’t be more perfect! Kira decided to go to the park and finish her book. She put a 60s polka dot dress in yellow, that made her small voluptuous body look nice. Curves here curves there, it really was a perfect day. starsandstripes50

Kira was right in the middle oh a sentence when a a man knocked into her knees sending a jolt through her body, sending the book flying. “Oh!” It hit the sidewalk with a thump. She stood and reached for it. “N-no it’s alright..”

Alfred scrambled to help the young woman up, the American would never admit it but England did teach him manners afterall. Plus she was totally a damsel in distress! Of course he had to help!

"I really am sorry," Alfred babbled, pulling her off the ground, "I wasn’t looking where I was going."

Resting her back on his feet, he gave her a once over, checking for any injuries. Human’s were just too fragile sometimes.

"I-it’s fine I just.." She stopped midway in her sentence looking at the blond man. It was extremely hard to turn away, but she had to. Age scooped up her book and set it aside. She glanced at him again trying not to maintain eye contact.

America raised an eyebrow, “You sure you’re okay? You kinda seem a little…ah you know what nevermind! I’m Alfred!” 

The blond stuck his hand out expectantly, trying to work out in his head if the young woman was one of his or not.